Boulevard 88 Floor Plans

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Boulevard 88 Floor Plans

More Read Up About Having a Floor Plan For Under Construction Property like Boulevard 88


A floor plan is drawing to scale that is well formulated by architectures’ showing a view, from above of the relationship, between spaces, rooms, doors, traffic patterns, and
other physical structures included in the building. A floor plan dimensions are drawn between the walls showing actual room sizes, wall lengths, and details of other features like water systems, electrical items, furnaces and many more. In addition, it also contains finishes and construction methods to be used when constructing a condo like Boulevard 88 floor plan

Why a consumer should use a floor plan before deciding to buy a new launch unit

  • A floor plan will enable the buyer to know and have full knowledge of the layout of the new launch and flow of the apartment in a single glance hence he or she will bear in mind the shape and the number of rooms that are that new launch condo. By being familiar with the floor plan the buyer will be able to know setups of the rooms and how they are located to each other, example the size and shapes of bedrooms, dimensions and how they are designed to face each other or not. This creates more knowledge to the buyer on the property he or she wants to buy or under construction.
  • Through using a floor plan the when buying a new launch condo, a buyer will be able to know the number of windows that are there in the unit or the number of doors. In addition, the floor map will assist the buyer to know the direction, which they are facing, and this gives broad knowledge to the buyer on what he or she is buying.
  • With floor plan, the person intending to buy a Boulevard 88 apartment will know if there will be partial walls that will allow for an open style of living, example partial walls into the living room and dining room opens up space and allows more light in the condo.
  • Through using, a floor plan a buy will be able to know if a new launch condo is a railroad layout or not, example unless the buyer of a condo lives alone the railroad layout is not the best. This is because some of the rooms like your bedroom will be used as the walk-through to get to other rooms; hence, the buyer will have knowledge of his new launch condo through the floor plan.

A floor plan is important because it allows one to have an idea on how the room will look like with furniture added. This will help one in understanding the furniture layout.
This allows the consumer to estimate the cost of buying the necessary furniture for the condominium without much wastage. This means that the condominium can be tried in different ways to the satisfaction of the consumer.

A floor plan allows a consumer to know whether the new new launch condo can fit his or her priorities and lifestyle. For instance, if one wants to work from home, a floor plan will allow one to set up an office that gets ideal light and the room should be set in a quiet location away from entertainment room.


Floor plans are usually drafted to scale so as to reduce the size of the new launch condo and ensure it fits in a piece of paper and they are mostly drafted by hand using architectural materials like rulers, drawing boards, protractors and many more. In addition floor plan can also be drawn by a computer, using CAD i.e. computer aided design